This Magical Waterfall Trail In Connecticut Is The First Hike You’ll Want To Take This Spring

By this time of year, you’re probably itching for spring in a serious way. The sight of the trees leafing out and flowers emerging from the earth can’t happen soon enough and yet seems so far away. But Connecticut is fickle with her seasons and the transition from winter to spring can happen as suddenly as flipping a light switch. So while it may seem dreary outside right now, you never know what tomorrow will bring. When spring does arrive, you’ll want your very first outdoor adventure to be a hike down this incredible waterfall trail.

Have you ever hiked this picturesque waterfall trail? Waterfall chasers will also adore taking this easy hike to a stunning quintuple waterfall. During your travels, if you capture some fantastic photos of these natural wonders, post them in our Connecticut Nature Lovers Group on Facebook.