This Forest Hike In Connecticut Is Like Experiencing A Dream

Don’t let the cooler temperatures of the coldest months stop you from getting out and exploring your state’s forests, especially the Tunxis State Forest: a 9,000-acre beauty that straddles both sides of the Barkhamsted Reservoir. It’s a great way to see Connecticut’s picturesque landscape no matter what time of year (although there IS something special about a nice hike on a chilly winter day, if you ask us). So just plug Morrison Hill Road, West Hartland, CT 06091 into your GPS and go! It’s definitely one of the best hikes in Connecticut thanks to its unique beauty and fascinating features. Check it out:

Believe it or not, Tunxis State Forest is just the beginning of Connecticut’s awesome year-round trails. For even more suggestions for the cooler months, check out these winter hikes in Connecticut.

Which hike do you think holds the official “best hike in Connecticut” title? Tell us your picks in the comments.

Address: Tunxis State Forest, Hartland, CT 06091, USA
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Best Hikes in Connecticut

March 22, 2022

Where can I go hiking in Connecticut?  

With more than 1,700 amazing hiking trails in Connecticut to choose from, it might feel a little overwhelming at first to decide where to hike (and when). Luckily, we have a few favorites we can recommend; hiking in Connecticut is a favorite pastime of the locals, and who could blame them? They live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Some of the best hiking trails in Connecticut include local legends like the Hancock Brook Trail, in Waterbury; it’s 2.8 miles long and features a stunning brook, fascinating old bridge remains, and a quarry. Then, head to South Meridan and hit up the Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail, which is just over a mile long and follows the bed of the old Connecticut River Railroad. It’s a must-do for hikers of all skill levels. Next, check out the Little Pond Trail, which is nestled within the White Memorial Conservation Center grounds. It’s a 1.2-mile boardwalk trail that’ll lead you through some of the most scenic places in Connecticut. Finally, you can’t miss any of the hikes within our amazing state and local parks – even the National Parks have plenty of trails waiting for you. Need more inspiration? Check out this list of bucket list hikes in Connecticut.  

What are some fun outdoor activities in Connecticut?  

Connecticut is a lovely place for most of the year (and all year-round, if you’re a fan of chilly winters). This means there are all sorts of fun activities in Connecticut to be had, like a visit to any of our amazing arboretums, gardens, and nature museums. Among our favorites are gems like the Yale March Botanical Garden in New Haven, and Meigs Point Nature Center within Hammonasset Beach State Park; of course, there are also countless hiking, biking, and walking trails (all varying in difficulty and accessibility). Our state and local parks are another excellent outlet for outdoor recreation in Connecticut. What are your favorite things to do outside in Connecticut? 

Address: Tunxis State Forest, Hartland, CT 06091, USA