Take This Road To Nowhere In Connecticut To Get Away From It All

Sometimes you just feel like driving. So next time you hop on the road, consider taking a trip down this scenic route in Connecticut. Perfect for some aimless driving, you won’t be burdened by traffic or excessive stops. Instead, you’ll be treated to the foliage and architecture that the state of Connecticut is known for. So grab your keys — we’re about to explore one of the best scenic drives in Connecticut!

Do you agree that this route is one of the best scenic drives in Connecticut? Are there any others that you enjoy exploring? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you! If you like the idea of exploring a road, check out more scenic drives here, or dare to travel down this haunted street at night!

Address: Connecticut 169, CT-169, Lisbon, CT, USA
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best scenic drives in Connecticut

July 26, 2021

What are the most beautiful drives in Connecticut?

Living in Connecticut means enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. If you’re in the mood for a long, scenic drive, you’ll find that Connecticut has plenty of options. Some of these drives include Route 27, Route 146, Route 8, US-7, Merritt Parkway, Route 169, Connecticut 63, Route 149, Route 94, and Route 154. You can learn more about these beautiful drives in Connecticut as well as how to find them by reading our previous article highlighting some of the most drivable country roads in the state.

Where can I find the most beautiful scenery in Connecticut?

Beauty is all around us here in Connecticut. From bustling cities to natural spaces, there’s simply no shortage of photo-worthy destinations. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the state can be appreciated when you visit places such as Silver Sands State Park, Wadsworth Falls State Park, Greenwich, St Mary’s By The Sea, Gillette Castle Park, Old Saybrook, Stonington, Shore Line Trolley Museum, Iwo Jima Memorial, Saville Dam, Yale University, Goodspeed Opera House, Enders Falls State Park, Kent Falls State Park, Campbell Falls State Park, and Guilford. Are there any other destinations that you believe qualify for the most beautiful scenery in Connecticut?

Does Connecticut have any hidden gems?

Absolutely! Connecticut could have the unofficial state nickname as the “Hidden Gem State” given all there is to discover. Some of the most incredible hidden gems in Connecticut include Chaffinch Island, Hidden Valley Preserve, the Center Church Crypt, Steep Rock Railroad Tunnel, Hearthstone Castle, the Mayflower Grace, Lao Buddha Ariyamett Aram Temple, Lavender Pond Farm, Bluff Point State Park, and Wild Bill’s Nostalgia. Truly, these are some great places to go in Connecticut that only the locals know about.

Address: Connecticut 169, CT-169, Lisbon, CT, USA