The One Epic Slide In Connecticut You Need To Ride This Winter

Powder Ridge Park is a family-friendly ski resort that has long been a source of fun and thrills for Connecticut families. But the slopes aren’t the only attraction. They also have an epic winter slide they use for tubing. So, if you’ve been looking to take your sledding experience to the next level, this is the perfect place to do it! You can find Powder Ridge Park at 99 Powder Hill Road, Middlefield, Connecticut, 06455.

See a tbeautiful view of the slide in the evening, and get a peek at what riding it is like in this short clip:

Powder Ridge Park is the perfect adventure for thrill seekers, but the more traditional folks can opt for the sledding options at Beardsley Park for a free afternoon of fun. Share your adventure photos with us on Instagram @onlyinconnecticut to have them featured!