Residents of Connecticut know better than to plan a visit to the infamous Dudleytown, CT – also referred to as Dudley Town, Connecticut – and it’s not just because it’s on private property. It has nothing to do with the local police who patrol the area or the “No Trespassing” signs. To be honest, the security measures are overkill for most people because most of us are too afraid of the deadly curse to even think about this place. As the creepiest abandoned town around and one of the most haunted towns in Connecticut, most people stay far, far away from this peculiar destination.

History of Dudleytown, Connecticut

The area that became known as Dudleytown was first settled in the early 1740s by Thomas Griffis, followed by Gideon Dudley and, by 1753, Barzillai Dudley and Abiel Dudley; Martin Dudley joined them a few years later

Dudleytown Photos

This notoriously haunted town in Connecticut has long attracted lore and legends, making Dudleytown photos quite rare and sought after. Because, really, who would be brave enough to step foot in this town?

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Hauntings of Dudleytown, CT

Some believe this place is the “Evilest place on Earth”, and many paranormal investigators have left this place running. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide what you believe. Curious about the hauntings and ghost sightings of Dudleytown, Connecticut?

Dudleytown, CT cannot be legally visited, only feared from afar. The owners don’t take kindly to trespassers, but you can still get your fix of her haunted places in Connecticut.

For some creepy locations that won’t leave you cursed for all of eternity, check out our haunted road trip, which leads to some of the creepiest, most haunted towns in Connecticut. Did you know the story behind Dudleytown, CT? Do you believe that it has demonic ties, or that it’s the most haunted town in Connecticut? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Dudley Town, Connecticut might be off limits to visitors, but there are plenty of other amazing places to visit in the Nutmeg State. For attractions in Connecticut you can actually visit, check out Viator to learn about some of the best attractions in Connecticut.

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Dudleytown, CT

What are some other abandoned places in Connecticut?

There are many other abandoned places in Connecticut, including parks, homes, and even hospitals. If you'd like to visit some of these forsaken spots, then you need to try out our road trip that's not for the faint of heart. On this adventure, you'll discover abandoned places in Connecticut such as:

  • Above All State Park. Located in Warren, Above All State Park is an undeveloped walk-in park that houses the remains of a Cold War-era military radar installation.
  • Shade Swamp Sanctuary. A historic shelter on the roadside of Route 6 in Farmington, Shade Swamp Sanctuary opened in 1934 as a place to rehabilitated injured animals -- but rumors swirled regarding the center's inhumane treatment and testing of its animal patients. The sanctuary closed in the '60s and today is a place sure to capture your curiosity. A five-minute hike from the road will take you to the creepy remains of the zoo where metal cages are being reclaimed by nature... and some claim to hear and see *things* at this abandoned site.
  • Quarry Park. Quarry Park lies on the former site of a trap rock quarry in Rocky Hill. The rock quarry was worked from the late 1800s to mid-1900s. The floor of the former operation is on several levels with the tallest rock face jutting 60 feet above the ground. At one end of the quarry, you'll discover the ruins of the operation being overtaken by the forest. Bright graffiti covers almost every possible surface making the stone easy to distinguish from its surroundings. A hike here gives a glimpse into this abandoned industrial site.


Are there any hiking trails in Connecticut to abandoned places?

Many of the abandoned places in Connecticut are not accessible, other than perhaps through your car window. But there is one spot in our state where you can not only walk around this abandoned place, they encourage it:

  • Suburban Park was once an amusement park that was full of life, but now all that remains are remnants of those good times. You can hike through this abandoned park, along designated trails.
  • Genesee Settlement. Another trail sure to satisfy your itch for an abandoned hike in CT is at the Genesee Settlement. Located on Regional Water Authority property in Guilford, is the remains of a Colonial-era settlement. The story of its rise and ruin is fascinating, and you can learn more in this article. In terms of treks, you can hike onto the RWA land to see the stone remains of the settlement, there is a fee required for hiking the property.


What ghost towns can you find in Connecticut?

While there aren't really ghost towns in Connecticut like you may find out west, we do have our fair share of towns and cities that are filled with ghostly tales:

  • Burlington. One of the best examples of CT "ghost towns" is Burlington, a town that is home to a former prison and a spooky cemetery in Connecticut.
  • Gay City ParkVery different from the other 130+ CT state parks, Gay City State Park is near Hebron and Bolton covers more than 1,500 acres. It’s home to unique ruins from when the area was a 19th-century mill town.
  • JohnsonvilleJohnsonville first rose to fame in the mid-1800s as the "Twine Capital of America." In fact, the 62-acre town was once a large community filled with twine mills! It was then purchased by an eccentric businessman who turned it into a tourist attraction. When those plans failed, it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. A few years ago, the village was sold to a Filipino church. Today, Johnsonville is a ghost town in Connecticut that’s waiting for its next life.

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