One Of The Most Haunted Roads In Connecticut, Downs Road Has Been Abandoned For Years

Hamden, Connecticut is the exact image of the word “quaint.” However, there is one part of Hamden that isn’t exactly serene and is more, well, eerie: Downs Road, particularly an abandoned stretch of it that’s rumored to be home to ghosts and monsters.

Downs Road originally connected the towns of town of Bethany and Hamden, but even before this particular stretch of road was discontinued and left to the woods, it left residents with a bad feeling. Maria Case, who lived near the road in 2016, told local station WTNH she would only walk the road (by all accounts a pretty and peaceful hike) in daylight hours since the area is just so foreboding with its abandoned structures and oppressive feel.

She’s far from alone with that sentiment. Rumor has it that the road is seriously haunted by the spirits of the farmers and Native Americans who used to live there. People have reported feeling like someone is staring at them and feeling unusually scared, to the point where they just need to run and get out of there. Even worse than ghosts, is the rumor of the Downs Road Monster: several people have sworn they spotted a Bigfoot-like creature lurking on these roads.

All kinds of ghostly shenanigans are said to occur here so be vigilant! But if you’re looking to experience a truly haunting experience in Connecticut, Downs Road is sure to give you the creeps. Just make sure you avoid the Downs Road Monster.

Address: Downs Rd, Bethany, CT, USA