This Mexican Restaurant In Connecticut Is A Deliciously Awesome Place To Dine

Some restaurants don’t look like much from the outside, but are hiding some deliciousness inside them. One such place is La Cantina in Plainfield. This Mexican restaurant in Connecticut is extremely unassuming, with a plain brick exterior, but it sure is tasty! It’s fairly new, and has an expansive menu with tasty options. There are plenty of Mexican options as well as traditional American foods if your taste buds aren’t quite that exotic. There’s something for everyone here and it’s definitely worth exploring.

Next time you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled and stop by La Cantina Bar and Grill! You can learn more about this deliciously unassuming Mexican restaurant in Connecticut by visiting the restaurant’s website or Facebook.

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Address: La Cantina Bar And Grill, 123 Norwich Rd, Plainfield, CT 06374, USA