The Ultimate Bucket List For Anyone In Colorado Who Loves Waterfall Hikes

Do you love hiking? What kind of question is that… if you’re a Coloradan, then it’s almost guaranteed that you do, right?! How about waterfalls? Another silly question with an obvious answer, no? What could be better than a brisk hike or a gorgeous waterfall? Hiking to a beautiful waterfall, of course! If this sounds like your jam, you will want to check out this ultimate bucket list of the best hikes in Colorado with waterfall views.

What do you think about the best hikes in Colorado with waterfall views? Have you hiked any of these gems before? Make sure to sound off in the comments section about your experiences!

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Best Hikes In Colorado

February 25, 2022

What is the best hike with a view in Colorado?

Is anyone else constantly searching hiking trails near me with a view?! It can’t be just us, right? If you’re searching for scenic hikes in Colorado then you’ve come to the right place. As you’ve likely already seen above, Colorado has some truly scenic hiking trails. But this list of 7 of the coolest and most calming hikes will not only relax you but also give you some truly splendid scenery.

Which hikes in Colorado are short and sweet?

Sometimes you want to spend the day outdoors but not take on anything too strenuous. If you find yourself in this boat, we recommend tackling a few easy hikes in Colorado to keep this short and sweet. These 11 short hikes in Colorado all clock in under five miles in length but still give you that dose of nature that you crave. Plus, you’ll be able to spend the day outdoors, too!

What are the best family-friendly hikes in Colorado?

Hiking isn't just solely for adults. Some of the best kid-friendly hikes around Colorado offer up the same amount of adventure that adults can find on their own. We have a list of kid-friendly trails throughout Colorado that offer up limited elevation changes but still tons of fun. Tackle the Helen Hunt Falls Trail in Colorado Springs for a 0.8-mile hike ending with a waterfall, or the Dotsero Crater which will take kids through an actual volcano!