When it comes to a candy that is adored by children and adults alike, there is nothing quite like the Jolly Rancher, which comes complete with juicy fruit flavors that seem to last forever. While you can probably name most flavors by heart, you may be surprised to learn that the iconic Jolly Ranchers were invented right here in Colorado:

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Jolly Ranchers Invented In Colorado

What is Colorado known for?

Jolly Ranchers were invented in Colorado -- and that might be the state's most delicious invention. But it certainly isn't the only inventions to come from The Centennial State. If you want to brush up on Colorado trivia, here are a few other inventions that the state is known for: Coors Beer is from this state and is well-known throughout the country. Otterbox, the wildly popular phone case company, is based in Fort Collins. It's also said that the 16th Street Mall was the birthplace of outdoor Christmas lights.

What are the most popular foods in Colorado?

Beyond Jolly Ranchers (hah!), here are some of the tastiest things made in Colorado that are very popular in the state. For the meat lovers out there, bison and lamb from Colorado is said to be some of the best. The Rocky Mountain Oysters are another well-known treat. Green chili is famous here, perfect for smothering or dipping. When it comes to fish, nothing beats trout. It's one of the most popular fish in Colorado, and with the incredible places to fish here, that's not very surprising.

What are the best candy shops in Colorado?

If you enjoy sweet treats like Jolly Ranchers, here is where you can find tons of sugary snacks. Assorted Goods and Candy in Louisville, Colorado has... well, assorted goods and candy! They have vintage candy and lots of cute items. This is a great place to find gifts for someone, or to treat yourself. Roberta's Chocolates, located in Denver, makes the most delicious chocolate treats. Their range includes everything from truffles to fudge. Plus, they have other candy as well. Visiting Estes Park? Make sure to stop by the Estes Park Old Fashioned Candy Store, with a variety of nostalgic treats and more. You might want to keep your dentist on speed dial, however.

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