The Sinister Story Behind This Popular Colorado Lake Will Give You Chills

When it comes to picture-perfect small towns, Colorado has the best, including the charming mountain town of Grand Lake (population: 495). While everyone knows all about the epic outdoor recreational opportunities, shopping, and dining that this quaint community has to offer, not many realize the sinister legend behind Grand Lake’s most iconic attraction: its 507-acre lake.

Grand Lake (the actual lake; not the town) is Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake, making it a popular spot for boating, fishing, water skiing, and so much more. However, with all of this outdoor fun comes a spooky story that may change the way you look at this iconic area forever. As per legend, Ute women and children were placed on rafts and sent to the middle of the lake during a battle hundreds of years ago, resulting in their death during a violent storm. The next time to spend a day on the lake, listen carefully, for many claim that when it rains, you can still hear their cries and see an eerie mist rise from the water.

What do you think: Have you experienced anything strange on the lake or is this merely folklore?

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