There’s A Haunted House In Colorado That’s So Terrifying You Have To Sign A Waiver To Enter

According to every store I shop at (Michaels, Target, Walmart, etc.), Halloween is upon us… and it’s only the middle of August. As if that weren’t frightening enough, most Colorado haunted houses are beginning to design their venues for the year, which got us thinking about Denver’s famous 13th Floor Haunted House and their ridiculous Blackout room:

As per the 13th Floor’s website, “Upon arriving each group (NOT each person) is given ONE glowstick. After all participants sign a waiver of liability, the group enters the 13th Floor in total darkness where monsters and mayhem await.It is up to your group to find its own way out. Inside the depths of the darkness a horde of monsters roam freely, equipped with the latest in night vision technology, ready to reap havoc upon all those that enter. As you navigate your way through Blackout it is not uncommon for participants to get lost, separated from their groups, and/or have their glowsticks stolen by the terrors that lurk inside.”

Let’s recap, shall we? You are essentially signing a waiver that says “Sure; I’m totally down with wetting my pants and/or dying of cardiac arrest in exchange for this one measly glow stick… Let’s do this!” For me, the 13th Floor (which, by the way, was named one of the “13 Best Haunted Houses in America” by USA Today) is a big no go… could you do it?

(Please note: This year’s 13th Floor dates and times are TBA.)

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