Given that our state is home to an abundance of paranormal landmarks, we couldn’t help but curate this haunted road trip in Colorado. The six locations along the way are largely considered to be the state’s most haunted spots, from Colorado ghost towns to haunted places. Plus, we’ll offer a bit of context as to what makes each so creepy. So grab your scare-loving friends, hop in the car, and drive with caution as we visit a few of the most haunted places in Colorado. (Link to the original road trip map can be found here.)

With so many fun haunted places in Colorado to explore we’ll always have plenty of ways to tantalize ourselves with spine-tingling chills. What did you think of our haunted road trip in Colorado? How many of these spooky places have you experienced? Be sure to share your favorite haunted and abandoned places in Colorado with us in the comments!

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Haunted Road Trip In Colorado

What are the most haunted places in Colorado?

Some of the most haunted places in Colorado include:


Colorado is famous for its breathtaking outdoor scenery, yet the state is also renowned for its intense paranormal activity. That's especially true if you happen to visit some of the most haunted places in the state. Some of the scariest places include the Stanley Hotel, Central City Masonic Cemetery, the Museum of Colorado Prisons, Cripple Creek, Molly Brown House Museum, the Ghost Town of St. Elmo, Hotel Jerome, and the Streets of Georgetown. These places have been frequented by unsuspecting visitors and paranormal investigators alike, all of whom have reported unexplainable phenomena.

What are the scariest haunted houses in Colorado?

Some of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado include:


Come Halloween, Colorado becomes an intensely spooky place to visit. That's mostly because of the abundance of haunted houses, some of which are so terrifying that you need to sign a waiver before entering. Some of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado include the Frightmare Compound, City of the Dead Asylum, the 13th Floor, Reaper's Hollow, Haunted Field of Screams, Fright Fest at Elitch Gardens, Aftermath Haunted House, HellScream Haunted House, and Haunted Mines. These insanely scary houses are bound to put you in the spirit for Halloween. Just be warned: they're not for the faint of heart!

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