The Small Town Near Denver That Was Named The Best Place to Raise a Family

When you have kids, your plans, way of thinking, and priorities do a complete 180° (trust me, I know)… while living near all of the excitement in the heart of the city may have once been your biggest priority, you are now on the search for somewhere that is not only safe, but affordable and close to good schools. If this sounds like your way of thinking, we have good news, as this small town near Denver was just named one of the best places in the country to raise a family:

Located a mere 25 minutes from Denver (in Boulder and Weld Counties) is the charming town of Erie; a community of nearly 20,000 that was originally incorporated in 1874 as a railroad town. Though the town no longer thrives via the railroad industry, it is still a popular place to live due in part to its convenient location, local arts scene, and outdoor recreational opportunities galore. Speaking of the location, arts scene, and outdoor recreation, that is EXACTLY why Erie was named one of Wallet Hacks’ “Best Places to Raise a Family”!

“Like many towns in Colorado, it’s perfect for the outdoorsy family (you can see the Rockies!) who likes to hike and ski,” states the article, going on to say that “For those who prefer city life, there is vibrant downtown scene on Briggs Street for those who want to enjoy a night out.” As if this wasn’t enticing enough, Wallet Hacks also mentions that “Money Magazine named them the 13th best place to live in 2015 and second only to Louisville in the state of Colorado.” After hearing all of this, are you surprised to find that Erie was named the best? We weren’t either.

For more information on Erie, please visit the town’s official website. Want to check out more unforgettable small towns? Click on 15 Slow-Paced Small Towns Near Denver Where Life Is Still Simple.