There’s A Themed Trailer Park Resort In The Middle Of Nowhere In Arkansas You’ll Absolutely Love

Have you ever wished that you could time travel? Well, there is a themed trailer resort in Prairie Grove Arkansas where you will experience just that. You will absolutely love these vintage trailers and the amenities will transport you back to your teenage years. When life was a bit rebellious but still simple all the same. Let’s explore this adorable retro getaway. 

The other campers like the Pour Some Shast on Me, The Horn, Candy Cane Lane are equally amazing and delightfully decorated as well. All trailers can sleep a minimum of 2 guests, but most can fit up to 4 comfortably. 

So, are you ready to relive your teenage years? Visit Flamingo Springs website to plan your getaway. You will absolutely love this charming vintage retreat that will transport you back in time.

Address: Flamingo Springs, 15475 Greasy Valley Rd, Prairie Grove, AR 72753, USA