These 32 Restaurants In Arkansas Have The Best Seafood EVER

Arkansas is one of the best places in the nation to visit when you’re looking for restaurants that serve catfish just how you like it! Residents of the Natural State have a great amount of options in seafood restaurants that range from casual to upscale. These locations are some of the best in the state. Try them out for the first time, or head back for seconds on catfish and fried shrimp soon!

These restaurants will most assuredly have you feeling satisfied and will fulfill your craving for great seafood! What’s even more amazing than the food is that this huge list of Arkansas eateries is only a part of many more great places around the state where you can fill up on your favorite Southern-style dishes, whether fried, baked, or grilled. Be sure to have your say in the comments about how much you enjoy these awesome seafood restaurants.