It’s a tradition (at least in the River Valley area), to pack up the family and spend the day at A to Z Gifts & More in Arkansas, one of the best flea markets in the state. It’s the one outing that everyone, including grandparents and kids, can enjoy. If you’re not yet familiar with the colossal spread that is A to Z, let us set the scene for you. After you drive to the edge of Alma on Hwy. 71 you’ll arrive at the A to Z campus with their multiple warehouses taking up both sides of the street. Pick a side and let’s start exploring!

Have you ever been to A to Z Gifts & More in Arkansas? If so, what’s been the best deal you found? We’d love to read about your experience in the comments section below! You can learn more about this awesome warehouse on the entity Facebook Page.

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If you’re still in the mood for more Arkansas adventures, take a look at this 24 hours in Little Rock video:


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Adventures in Arkansas

What are some fun facts about Arkansas?

  • Arkansas has 4,973,164 harvested acres (as of 2011).
  • The widest points in Arkansas’s height and width are only separated by 22 miles.
  • Arkansas’ forests could cover the entire country of Switzerland one and a half times (8 million acres vs. 10.2 million acres).

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Where can we find historic places to visit in Arkansas?

  • Central High School in Little Rock is where “The Little Rock 9” faced opposition to them attending school here.
  • Fort Smith National Historic Site in Fort Smith dates back to 1818.
  • The Arkansas Post in Arkansas Post was Arkansas’s first European settlement.

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Where can we find other fun things to do in Arkansas?

  • Tour the Arkansas State Capitol which was completed in 1915.
  • Enjoy a wide range of art at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock.
  • Tour the historic Pillow Thompson House in Helena.

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