Arizona is rife with abandoned mining towns, but Bisbee is unique in that it’s still a thriving, populous community. Not only do over 5,000 people live in this small city, but a generous amount of unseen visitors — or ghosts, as they’re more commonly known. Many workers met a tragic demise in the copper shafts, and their souls have unfinished business in the most haunted town in Arizona. Despite this, even if you don’t have any paranormal encounters, the town is absolutely charming.

Feel free to explore on your own, or visit the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour website or Facebook page to learn more about their guided walking tours.

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Haunted Town In Arizona

What are the creepiest cemeteries in Arizona?

If you're feeling brave and want to know more about creepy places in Arizona, you can't get much spookier than a cemetery. Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona is certainly one for only the bravest to visit after dark. The town it resides in is considered one of the most haunted places in the state already, so you can imagine the resting place of its dead is probably rife with paranormal activity. Not far from there is the ghost town of Fairbank, where a spooky small cemetery resides. It is said the ghosts hanging around there are those of outlaws.

What is the most haunted place in Arizona?

There are many supposedly haunted places in Arizona. Bisbee isn't the only town considered to be haunted. One of the most haunted spots in the state is said to be the town of Jerome. This small town has quite a history. The paranormal hotspots in Jerome include the Old Miners Cemetery, former hospital Jerome Grand Hotel, and the Spirit Room under Hotel Connor. Each has its own ghostly tales and reported sightings. Ghost tours are a popular activity in the town for that reason. Are you brave enough to visit there - or better yet, stay overnight at the haunted hotel?

Can I go ghost hunting in Arizona?

If you love hearing about Arizona ghost stories and want to seek out the restless spirits for yourself, you're in luck. You can go ghost hunting with special devices like EVP equipment in towns like Jerome, part of the Jerome Ghost Adventure package. You can tour an abandoned hospital in Ajo, Arizona called the Phelps Dodge Hospital. It isn't available all the time, but there are special events hosted by companies such as Ghost Hunts USA that tour them with high-tech equipment and knowledgeable ghost hunters.

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