6 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Arizona That Will Leave You Baffled

With a violent and deadly Wild West past, Arizona has plenty of mystery lingering in every wash and canyon, whether it’s odd supernatural events or infamous murders. Here is a short list of mysteries that are still on the minds of many Arizonans.

1. Phoenix Lights

Let’s start with some mysteries on the lower end of the disturbing scale. In the spring of 1997, thousands of Arizonans reported seeing strange lights moving in a slow V-formation across the night sky as well as another set hovering in the sky. While many have explained these instances away as aircraft or flares but plenty of people still believe these lights were evidence of extraterrestrial life.

5. Mikelle Biggs

Every parent’s worst nightmare is losing their child but it’s especially terrifying when it happens within a short distance of home. In 1999, the news was rife with reports of Mesa girl, Mikelle Biggs, kidnapped just outside her home after waiting for the local ice cream truck to arrive. Her younger sister, who no longer wanted to wait for the truck, found Mikelle’s bicycle and ice cream money strewn across the street just a mere 90 seconds after returning home. Sixteen years later, little evidence and few leads exist but the family is still informing the public of Mikelle’s disappearance in an effort to at least find peace.

6. Robert Fisher

A false tip last year drove this case back into the news and back into the consciousness of Arizonans. Scottsdale police suspect that in April 2001, Fisher murdered his wife and children then set their house on fire before fleeing in an attempt to cover up the murder. Because Fisher remains at large, this case is still considered unsolved.

What other Arizona mysteries exist that have left you wondering? Let us know in the comments.