If there’s anything Arizona is known for outside of delicious food and gorgeous landscapes, I would argue that an abundance of small towns is certainly at the top of that list. In fact, I have written articles in the past about a few of the tiny towns in Arizona and they all really are spectacular because they each have something a little different for everyone.

However, we have so many small towns and census-designated areas that it’s easy for some of them to get lost in the mix. I want to make sure every part of Arizona gets a little love and recognition, so that’s why today’s article is dedicated to some of the smallest towns you will find in our state. As a note, I chose towns that not only had small populations (less than 300) but also looked for ones that had some interesting piece of history or trivia attached to its location. So, come on, check out some of these lovely places!

Are there any other super tiny towns here in Arizona that you think should have made this list? Let us know what you think by nominating them on our nominations page.

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Tiny Towns In Arizona

What is the most beautiful small town in Arizona?

The smallest towns in Arizona are far from boring. Many are beautiful and totally picturesque in ways that big cities simply can't be. If you're looking for the prettiest of them all, you might find luck in visiting places like Bisbee. This charming old mining town is full of well-cared-for historic buildings and it's located in a gorgeous spot. Another potential candidate for the most beautiful could be the teeny town of Greer. With a population of fewer than 50 residents, it's location tucked up in the mountains makes it a truly stunning place.

What is the largest city in Arizona?

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum of tiny towns in Arizona, you have its largest city. These little towns often have populations of less than 500, but it comes to the surprise of few that the state's largest and densest place is Phoenix. The city itself has a population of over 1.6 million, and the Valley has over 4 million. If you're interested in some more fun Arizona trivia, coming in at second place in terms of biggest AZ cities is Tuscon. However, Tuscon has just a fraction of the population Phoenix has at just around 550,000 residents - well under half. Wow!

What is the most unique town in Arizona?

There are many quirky and unique places in Arizona that are worth a visit. While many have special histories, fun and unusual attractions, and kitschy characteristics, none are quite like Arcosanti. The town of Arcosanti, if you can really call it a town, was an experiment by an Italian architect. It was never completed but it does have residents even if it isn't as many as was planned for. The buildings were meant to be a new type of urban planning part of arcology with almost science fiction-like designs. You might feel like you're in the world of movies like Star Wars when you visit. Learn more about this unique Arizona town here.