There is something so undeniably powerful and utterly mesmerizing about the waterfalls found in the great 49th state. Heck, they are even stunning to observe during the winter months when the massive falls become frozen in time. Many of these waterfalls in Alaska are viewable from the cozy comforts of your vehicle, while others require a short hike or a scenic day cruise to fully appreciate the majesty that they hold. The total weekend warrior excursion covers 246 miles and takes just under six hours to complete (one way). Be sure to check out the link to the interactive Google Map to use as your guide.

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For more fun adventures, be sure to take this road trip through Alaska’s most picturesque small towns for a scenic experience. And definitely check out these seven incredible scenic spots throughout Alaska on this scenic weekend road trip.

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Waterfalls In Alaska

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Where can I find a natural swimming hole in Alaska?

While the state is incredibly cold much of the year, for those who want to brave swimming in the great outdoors, there are several natural swimming holes in Alaska. Lost Lake on the Kenai Peninsula is quite the trek to get to but worth it for a secluded swim spot. Easily accessible, Goose Lake is located just outside of Anchorage. Learn more about these and many other swimming holes in this post.

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