Nest At This Overlook Cabin For Amazing Cliffside Views In Alaska

This little corner of Alaska is just a quick boat ride from Homer, and yet the seaside town of Seldovia seems millions of miles away. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this remote and wild spot by staying at this secluded and scenic overlook cabin. Perched on a cliff above Kasitsna Bay, the gorgeous views are as endless as the fresh ocean breezes. You’ll love the cozy nest and the bird’s eye vantage point at this charming overlook cabin.

Please note, Kasitsna Bay Overlook Cabin is no longer available for rent.


Kasitsna Bay Overlook Cabin

Seldovia, Alaska

Seldovia, where the cabin lies, is The Quaint Little Town In Alaska That Will Steal Your Heart Forever. While you’re in the area, This Unique Day Trip Will Take You To A Hidden Cove In Alaska and you may want to try it for yourself.

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