This National Preserve In Alaska Is Home To A Native Alaskan Healing Spring

The Bering Land Bridge National Park and Preserve is home to some absolutely spectacular scenery. The area is primarily tundra, and in the stunning valley exists a beautiful hot spring that was used as a Native Alaskan healing spring to the local Alaskan Natives for thousands of years. Here’s more on planning your trip to the breathtaking Serpentine Hot Springs in Alaska.

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Interested in learning more about this Native Alaskan healing spring? Check out the National Park Service’s webpage on Serpentine Hot Springs.

Nome, Alaska is an excellent jumping-off point to see this natural hot spring. Make sure to check out This Remote Road In Alaska Will Take You Into The Unspoiled Wild while you’re in Nome!

Have you ever visited the Serpentine Hot Springs in Alaska? What did you think, and what season did you see it in? Let us know in the comments below!

Address: Serpentine Hot Springs, AK 99772, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

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December 13, 2021

What are the best hot springs resorts in Alaska?

There’s something positively mesmerizing about hot springs. These natural pools of water are chock-full of healing properties, as you’ve learned in the article above. However, these sites are also almost always located in the most breathtaking settings. There are few things more rewarding than soaking in a natural hot springs pool after a long day of adventure. And while it’s always fun to hike to hot springs, there are places throughout Alaska where the springs are relatively easy to get to. One such destination is Chena Hot Springs. Described as the most accessible hot springs resort in Alaska’s interior, this property features countless ways to engage in Alaska’s frozen landscape: hot springs pools, an ice museum, northern lights viewing, and geothermal-powered facilities. Learn more about booking your stay at Chena Hot Springs Resort, one of the best hot springs resorts in Alaska.

Where can I go to see the northern lights in Alaska?

Seeing the northern lights is on many a traveler’s bucket list, and for good reason. This magical display of celestial beauty is hard to describe and impossible to forget. There are a few places throughout the U.S. where you can spot the lights, but Alaska is by far one of the best. Indeed, many visitors head to Alaska with the single goal of spotting the aurora borealis! If you’re looking to experience this breathtaking phenomenon, we have a few suggestions of where to go in Alaska to see the northern lights. Some of these places include Hope on the Kenai Peninsula, Tok in Eastern Alaska along the Alaska Canadian Highway, Borealis Basecamp in Fairbanks, Earthsong Lodge in Denali National Park and Preserve, A Taste Of Alaska Lodge in Fairbanks, Just Short Of Magic Yurt Bed & Breakfast in Fairbanks, White Mountains National Recreation Area, Anvil Mountain in Nome, Kotzebue in Northwestern Alaska, and Knob Lakes in Anchorage. Learn more about where to go in Alaska to see the northern lights.

Address: Serpentine Hot Springs, AK 99772, USA