These 9 Restaurants Serve The Best Crab In Alaska

Sure, you can get seafood anywhere, but there is something special about getting it in Alaska where the waters provide it and the locals harvest it. Not to mention where it is outrageously overpriced. 🙂 It’s no surprise that seafood is Alaska’s specialty, but without a doubt the Alaskan King Crab is the most notoriously sought after meal. Whether it’s from the Bering Sea or the Norton Sound, crab is Alaska’s state dish! (Salmon at a close second, or perhaps they tie in your opinion.) These restaurants serve up the best crab plates Alaska can offer!

Since seafood is such a popular dish in Alaska it would be impossible to include all of the places that serve up impressive versions of our state’s favorite fare, but please feel free to leave other awesome restaurants with awesome seafood in the comments!