Here Are 25 Words That You’ll For Sure Understand If You’re From Alabama

Alabama is known for its southern slang. That’s no secret! We even have our own vocabulary here that some visitors just don’t understand. Here is a list of 25 words/phrases that you’ll definitely understand if you’re from Alabama.

4. Reckon’

5. Lord willing

10. Oh my goodness gracious!

11. Kinfolk  – friends or relatives

12. Yonder way – anywhere out of visual distance

15. I’m fixin’ to – means one is about to do something.

16. As slow as molasses

19. Ain’t – is not

20. Preachin’ to the choir – when you say something that is very obvious to those who are listening.

21. Y’all – you all

22. LA – In Alabama, LA means “Lower Alabama” – not Los Angeles or Louisiana.

This is just a short list of the many words and phrases used here in Alabama. What words or phrases can you add to the list?