Most People Don’t Know The Heaviest Corner On Earth Is In Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama is known for many different things. In addition to being the most populous Alabama city, it’s also well known for its part in the civil rights movement and its history in iron and steel production. One of Birmingham’s claims to fame that many people don’t know about is that it’s home to ‘The Heaviest Corner on Earth.’

During the early 1900s, at the intersection of 20th Street and 1st Avenue North, four skyscraper office buildings were constructed: the Woodward Building (10 stories), the Brown Max Building (16 Stories), the Empire Building (16 stories) and the American Trust and Savings Bank (21 Stories).

In 1911, an article was published in Jemison Magazine that was titled “Birmingham to Have the Heaviest Corner in the South.” This corner was later referred to as the ‘Heaviest Corner on Earth,’ which is what it’s still known as today.

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All four office buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Woodward Building, which is now known as the National Bank of Commerce, was placed on the list in 1983. The remaining three office buildings were listed in 1985.

If you’re ever in the downtown Birmingham area, the ‘Heaviest Corner on Earth’ is worth a visit. This corner contains a lot of great history, and the buildings are among the earliest skyscrapers in Birmingham.

Is this corner really the heaviest corner on earth? No. However, the moment you stand at the corner and look up, you’ll understand why it felt like the heaviest corner on earth when it was given this name. There’s a historical marker onsite that explains the history of this famous commercial corner.

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