You’ll Never Forget Your Stay At The Most Haunted Hotel In Alabama

The St. James Hotel, located in the historic district of Selma, is believed to be one of the most haunted hotels in Alabama. Local residents and guests have reported several paranormal events that have taken place both inside and outside of this historic hotel.

Please note: St. James Hotel is permanently closed.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

The St. James Hotel was built in 1837 and is one of the oldest operational facilities in Alabama. When this historic hotel was first built, it was referred to as “The Brantly.” During its earlier days, this luxurious hotel was visited by wealthy individuals as they passed through town needing a place to stay for the night.

While the Civil War was going on, soldiers used The Brantly as a place to discuss strategies. When the “Battle of Selma” took place, the entire town of Selma pretty much burned to the ground. However, The Brantly remained standing. When the Civil War ended, a man named Benjamin Sterling Tower became the new owner of this historic hotel. Soon after he acquired ownership, in 1881, a group of outlaws lead by Jesse James stopped by The Brantly to stay the night.

In 1892, because of financial problems, The Brantly ceased operations for an entire century. In the early 1990s, this historic hotel was beautifully restored by a group of individuals who believed it had great potential. In 1997, it was reopened to the public. Ever since then, this historic hotel has been known as the St. James Hotel.

Since its reopening in 1997, several guests have reported seeing the spirits of Jesse James and his girlfriend, Lucinda. A man fully dressed in clothing from the 1800s has been spotted in the actual rooms he stayed in, including rooms 214, 314 and 315. Lucinda loved the scent of lavender. Whenever guests smelled this lovely scent, they knew her spirit was nearby. Lucinda’s apparition has also been spotted walking down the hotel hallways.

Many guests have also reported strange events that have taken place in the courtyard. For example, one of these strange events is several apparitions have been spotted wearing clothes from the 1800s. Another strange event is the sound of a barking dog that guests claim is coming from the courtyard area. Jesse James owned a black dog, which was always by his side. It’s believed this “ghost” dog is the one that belonged to James. Guests often complain about the barking that’s coming from the courtyard area, but when management checks it out, there’s no dog in sight. A dog has also been reported running up and down the hotel hallways. Once again, when this was checked out by management, a dog was never found.

Word soon spread about the paranormal events taking place at this historic hotel, which caused ghost hunters to come and see what they could capture on their cameras, video recorders and digital voice recorders. If you’re interested in the afterlife and historical hauntings, a stay at the St. James Hotel is an absolute must. Your stay will be an unforgettable experience, and you can return home with full bragging rights that you stayed the night at one of Alabama’s most haunted hotels.

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St. James Hotel
1200 Water Ave
Selma, AL 36701