This Tennessee Urban Legend Will Keep You Awake At Night – Because it’s TRUE

(NOTE: Some of the images below may be disturbing. Proceed with caution.)

You’ve probably heard terrible stories: teenagers taking a hike in the woods, wandering a lovers’ lane late at night, and stumbling across a meadow of corpses. Dead men and women, rotting and posed, some that appear tossed about or freshly dead. Serial killer? Nah. Body farm? Yep.

It may not seem too believable, but it’s a real thing. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has a body farm that uses corpses as teaching tools for future scientists. There are three in the country, located in Cullowhee, North Carolina, Knoxville, and San Marcos, Texas. Tennessee boasts the largest at two and half acres. At capacity, we’re looking at a body farm that holds anywhere from 40 to 50 bodies in a variety of different areas and poses to help students better understand the science of a body’s life after death.

The main point is for future forensic scientists to be able to study body decomposition in a variety of elements. It was implemented into UT studies in 1981, with over one hundred bodies donated to the university on a yearly basis. If you’re looking to drive future students for success AND feed the ever true urban legend of a woodland body farm, now you know where to go.

You may not be sleeping tonight…but don’t worry. The body farm in Knoxville is surrounded by a razor wire fence, so no one is wandering in – or out – unnoticed.