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The Incredible Moment When Rhode Island Will Go Dark That Will Go Down In History

If you’ve seen the images outlining where the total solar eclipse will fall this August, you’ve probably expected Rhode Island to be completely out of the path. Fear not! We’re not going to miss all of the fun. We the people of Rhode Island will get to experience some of the amazing sight right from home as a partial eclipse. Wow!

This is going to be such a bizarre and amazing day! Where will you catch the eclipse from in the state?

Jeana is a freelance writer, musician, and student. She is in the Providence based acoustic duo Tammy & Jeana, and the folk act known as Great Gale. Jeana commutes to Northeastern University in Boston where she is pursuing an M.S. in Organizational Communication. As a long time Rhode Islander who was born in Warwick, she loves promoting the state's wonders.