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This Unexplained Natural Phenomenon In Ohio Will Baffle You

If you’ve ever heard of “barge bite,” you’ve probably experienced it before.

It’s a phenomenon that occurs whenever a barge (or a large boat) passes by on a big river. For the fisherman, it’s a pretty fortunate phenomenon to experience—because catfish take the bait nearly every time it occurs. It’s pretty simple: As the barge approaches, cast your line into the water and wait for a catfish to bite. Rather than swimming away from the surface, a catfish will approach the angler and likely take the bait.

To see the phenomenon in action on the Ohio River, watch the video below:

Have you ever experienced this before? Why do you think it happens? Share your thoughts and theories with us!

April Dray
Ohio staff writer and editor for Only in Your State. Written word is my zeal. I love my cat and she tolerates me.