This Unexplained Phenomenon On A North Carolina Island Is Too Startling For Words

Each state has its own local legends that seem as though they couldn’t stand on their own two feet, too imaginative to possibly be real. But in North Carolina, there’s an unexplained phenomenon that has been happening since the mid-1800’s and it’s certainly real.

Earlier this year, like so many times before, a large number of people reported hearing loud booms throughout Cape Fear. The people who live here frequently hear the booms, as often as a handful of times during the year. You’ll see many people refer to these loud unexplained booms as the Seneca Guns. The story is known to originate from New York, coming from the Seneca Lake area but now is most commonly experienced on this North Carolina Island.

Over the years, residents and scientists have tried to come up with their own theories as to what these loud noises could be. Generally, people are quick to assume that it is some sort of military aircraft creating the boom, others think the booms are coming from above us and may have to do with the ocean. There’s a good possibility you’ll also hear the explanation that these noises are the results of aliens and UFO spacecrafts, as some in the past claimed to have seen orbs above the ocean on days when the booms have been heard.

Check out this wonderful video uploaded by the Science Channel that showcases and attempts to explain what the Seneca Booms are:

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