This Haunting Road Trip Through North Carolina Ghost Towns Is One You Won’t Forget

North Carolina has plenty of amazing, eerie and haunting ghost towns. Between dark pasts and memories of now left in the form of ruins – the explorer in all of us would love a few days to venture into the abandoned parts of North Carolina. Luckily, we’ve constructed a whole map that routes you through North Carolina’s most infamous ghost towns.

This road trip takes you through all of North Carolina’s historic, haunted, and creepy abandoned places. Stop along the way and plan other sites to see, or spread the trip out – one to the coast and another through the mountains. The road trip starts you at Brunswick Town and ends at the haunting, submerged ghost town of Judson. Buckle up; it’s going to be a scary ride!

Now you’ve experienced the best abandoned North Carolina has to offer. Gorgeous, haunting, and always memorable. Have you been to any of these destinations before?

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