10 Neighborhood Restaurants In North Carolina With Food So Good You’ll Be Back For Seconds

When it comes to deciding where to eat for a night out, usually popular spots in your city or town, or even chain restaurants, come to mind. Yet, if you live in bigger cities or even smaller ones, there’s sure to be several amazing restaurants hiding throughout neighborhoods. Some of these only the locals know, while others have gained statewide attention. For a unique experience and unforgettable meal, try these 10!

I’m officially starving. I love the fact that each of these restaurants offer something different, but still retain that cozy neighborhood feel. Have you dined at any of these before, or want to add any to the list?

While some of these restaurants fly totally under the radar, there are even more little-known culinary adventures waiting to be had in North Carolina. These 10 restaurants in North Carolina are hard to find, but totally worth it.