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Here Are 10 of The Most Charming Small Towns in Delaware

With only three cities in the state with more than 30,000 residents, and only one city that most out of staters would consider anything like a real city, Delaware is dotted with small towns boasting populations that are smaller than the student body of some high schools in surrounding states.

While each one of Delaware’s 57 municipalities has nuggets of small town charm, here are 10 places in Delaware, each with a population of less than 5000 people, that are particularly alluring.

One thing is for sure if you travel around Delaware in any town, or city, or village: you’ll find a small-town feel everywhere you go.

Katy is a life-long Delaware resident who grew up on a small grain farm and spent her summers enjoying time at the beach. A full time public relations professional by day and a content specialist with OIYS at night, Katy loves sharing her love of her home state with fellow Delawareans and others. Loves: local food, dachshunds, horseshoe crabs, hiking, farmers markets, bourbon.