The Unique Town In Delaware That’s Anything But Ordinary

In New Castle County, there’s a tiny village that’s unlike any other in the state. The Village of Arden was founded in 1900 by the famous architect Will Price and renowned sculptor Frank Stephens. Both men wanted to create a utopian, radical Georgist single-tax community. The village spans about 160 acres, and more than half of the land is preserved open space. There are fewer than 500 people living in Arden, but they are perhaps the most close-knit community in all of Delaware.

Arden is truly a storybook town! Be sure to check out the happenings in the Village by visiting the Arden Club Website, where you can keep up with each of the many Gilds and join them in their celebrations of art and life. Delaware has so many incredible, historic small towns – if you’re looking to visit another, I’d wholeheartedly recommend taking a day trip to the First Town in the First State.