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Here Are The Best Times And Places To View Fall Foliage In Arizona

It may be September but most of the state still feels like summer. While we wait for those triple-digits days to dwindle into something significantly cooler, we can start making plans for fall weather activities. This includes checking out the changing leaves throughout the state and it looks like those activities may commence much sooner than you think!

The Smoky Mountain Fall Foliage predictor map can be found on their website, You can also read about the science behind the color change and why the leaves eventually fall from the trees.

What are you looking forward to seeing or doing once the fall season arrives here in Arizona? If you’re looking forward to checking out the pretty leaves, you’ll want to read Take This Gorgeous All Foliage Road Trip To See Arizona Like Never Before. We know you’ll be truly impressed if you’ve never seen Arizona’s beautiful fall season.

Monica Spencer
Monica is a Diné freelance writer and the Arizona staff writer for Only In Your State. She currently lives in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their herd of cats. You can reach her at