Wyoming’s landscape is dotted with ghost towns. These former hotspots were once the places where pioneers and Frontiersmen laid down their heads as they worked to establish their new lives in Wyoming. Sadly, many of these towns had succumbed to tragic endings, whether they be the economic downfall or physical ruin. Read the sad story of an incredibly interesting ghost town in Wyoming below.

Have you visited Kirwin, a ghost town in Wyoming? When it comes to ghost towns, there’s no state in the country quite like Wyoming. In the comments, please let us know if you have and what other abandoned towns in Wyoming you have visited.

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Ghost Town In Wyoming

What are some of the most creepy places in Wyoming?

With the number of ghost towns and abandoned buildings throughout the state, Wyoming sure has some creepy places! Located in Cody, the Irma Hotel is said to be haunted. There have been numerous sightings of a ghostly apparition as well as the sounds of footsteps and other strange noises. The Hot Springs County Library in Thermopolis also experiences some unexplained paranormal activity like shadowy figures and unexplained sounds. You can read about additional creepy places in this article.

What is the most haunted place in Wyoming?

While there are numerous haunted places in Wyoming, there are a few some would consider being the most haunted. One such place is the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. A place that, during World War II, was used as a concentration camp for Japanese-Americans. Many have reported footsteps, shadowy figures, and that overall feeling of being watched even though they couldn’t see anyone. Scary!

What is another fascinating ghost town in Wyoming I can visit?

Once a thriving coal-mining town, Winton was all but abandoned in the 19050s when the industry died there. Its original name was Megeath but it was changed to Winton when the Union Pacfic purchased the town. Today, you can visit and see what remains of the town. You’ll see crumbling buildings, decaying roads, and nature reclaiming it all. Remember to bring your camera as it’s a fascinating place to photograph. 


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