When you think of Wyoming, you think of our peaceful mountain state, and I’m certain you feel safe. We know all of our neighbors here, and it’s easy to get involved with our towns and get to know local businesses. Perhaps that’s why it’s so shocking to hear the horrific story of Wyoming’s first – and worst – serial killer, who committed her (yes, her) crimes in a quiet mining town. When it comes to creepy places in Wyoming, South Pass might just take the cake.

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South Pass City isn’t the only ghost town in WY, and if you take a look at some of these other abandoned towns in Wyoming, you might find yourself wondering what other uncovered history may be hiding in the hills. Where are some of your favorite creepy places in Wyoming? Let us know in the comments!

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Creepy Places in Wyoming

  1. What are some creepy places in Wyoming?

Wyoming is a beautiful state... but it’s also quiet, lonely, and at times desolate, which makes it perfect for a good old-fashioned creepy place or two. There are lots of spooky, creepy places in Wyoming (which are “creepy” for all sorts of reasons), and some of the most chilling are:  

  • The Historic Occidental Hotel – Said to be haunted by the daughter of a lady of the night from the old western days, this gorgeous historic hotel is as creepy as it is awesome.  
  • The Hot Springs County Library – Yes, seriously. A haunted library in Wyoming! Folks who work there have made the most reports for obvious reasons, but guests have also seen some pretty bizarre stuff in the stacks.  
  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site – Once upon a time, this place was a trading post. Supposedly, it’s haunted by the spirit of an old cavalry officer.  

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  1. How many ghost towns in Wyoming are there?

Speaking of spooky, what about ghost towns? Ghost towns are eerie, too, and who even knows what kind of spirits linger there after the often-dark times in mining days? Some notable ghost towns in Wyoming include places like:  

  • Miner’s Delight – With a population of zero, Miner’s Delight is a legitimate ghost town. It’s currently managed and preserved by the Bureau of Land Management.  
  • Piedmont – All that’s left of this one is a cemetery (yikes), some collapsing and/or collapsed buildings, and some old charcoal kiln ruins.  
  • Kirwin – This Wyoming ghost town is truly unsettling, as there are quite a few buildings left. Oh, and it’s supposedly haunted... so do with that what you will.  

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  1. What were some old mining towns in Wyoming?

Not all mining towns in Wyoming are ghost towns (though most are); some old mining towns are still alive, be it for tourism or for having never “died” in the first place. Some notable old mining towns in Wyoming you can still visit today are towns such as:  

  • Hartville – This is the oldest still-living mining town in the state! It’s steeped in history and home to the old Miners and Stockman's Bar (which is also the oldest in the state).  
  • Atlantic City – This town is another historic mining town with a small population of under 100 at any given time. It’s a stop along the Continental Divide Trail.  

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