Pizza Carrello Just Might Have The Wackiest Menu In All Of Wyoming But It’s Amazing

Pineapple on pizza might just be one of the most highly-contested food combinations in modern history (classic dish, or culinary crime?)…and the arguments can get pretty fierce on both sides. But whatever your stance on this sweet and savory combo (taste, much like beauty, is truly in the eye of the beholder, after all), there’s no denying the appeal of quirky, unexpected flavor combos. And more often than not, those wacky foods are positively delicious when given a chance! Wyoming is no stranger to odd dishes, and we’re certainly home to a number of restaurants that like to get their creative cuisine on. Tucked away in Gillette is one such culinary delight. For some of the craziest pizza in Wyoming, this delicious hidden gem doesn’t just wow with its perfect wood-fired crusts; it’s also home to some of the most unique pizzas we’ve ever seen. And we’re all for it!

Intrigued? This is just a small sampling of what Pizza Carrello has to offer! Breakfast pizzas, dinner pizzas, dessert pizzas…plus daily fresh-baked breads! You’ll find everything here! For those who are totally over the classic pepperoni slice (or maybe a classic slice is exactly what you’re looking for), we think this local gem is an absolute must-visit in every season.

Stay on top of hours, ever-changing menu additions, and special events on the Pizza Carrello website or Facebook page.

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Address: Pizza Carrello, 601 S Douglas Hwy, Gillette, WY 82716, USA

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