This Wyoming Restaurant Was Named The Most Iconic In The State And You Don’t Even Need Reservations

Wyoming has loads of restaurants serving up all types of cuisine to satisfy your appetite no matter what you’re craving. However, if you’re in the mood for a side of authentic western atmosphere to go along with your meal, you’ll want to dine at the most iconic restaurant in the state.

Located inside a historic hotel in a tiny little town that happens to be pretty iconic itself, this eating establishment specializes in traditional Western dining. The menu is filled with meat – steaks, game, fish, and even the signature Hunter’s Salad is topped with blackened beef tips. It’s a carnivore’s dream and just the place to go to immerse yourself in the Wyoming vibe. You can make reservations if you want to, but they’re not necessary at the Virginian.

Have you had the experience of dining at the Virginian? What was your favorite thing on the menu?

If you don’t mind driving out to the boonies for great food, you’ll want to visit this incredible steakhouse that’s so worth the drive.