When you live in Wyoming, it’s easy to begin to think of Yellowstone as a bit of a tourist trap. That’s not to say that the stunning wildlife and scenery is anything to scoff at, but the crowded trails and overwhelming, hokey marketing can start to get under your skin. It’s understandable, then, that may Wyomingites are cynical of the “Wild West” adventures that many Yellowstone lodges offer to their guests. However, there are quite a few gems being offered in the park that will please even the most cynical cowboy, and the Roosevelt Old West Cookout is one of these adventures that’s worth the crowds and worth the price.

The prices for this Old West Cookout vary, depending on your method of transportation, and your age. For a two hour horseback ride, adults will pay $94. Children (ages 8-11) will pay $86. For the one hour ride, adult tickets cost $84, and children are $72. For the wagon ride, adults pay $63, and children (ages 3-11) pay $50. Children under 3 who share a plate are free. Though these prices may seem high at first, when you consider they include a tasty steak, a guided Wild West trail tour, endless fixings and entertainment, it’s easy to see how it’s so worth it to splurge. You can make reservations right here.

Of course, while you’re in Yellowstone, don’t forget about the beauty of the park! After all, that’s what Teddy Roosevelt fell in love with when he was out west. In fact, some of Yellowstone’s Trails are among the best in the world. Check out our favorites right here: 11 Of The Greatest Hiking Trails On Earth Are Right Here In Wyoming.

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