One Of The Most Haunted Places In Wyoming, Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Has Been Around Since The 1940s

Wyoming is a state known for its wide-open ranges, stunning geology, incredible mountain ranges, geysers, and so much more. The state is also, however, the site of some dark chapters of American history, and this particular super-spooky place was named one of the most haunted places Wyoming has to offer.

The camp was designated a National Historic Landmark in early 2007; to this day, visitors can still take tours- though we can’t exactly promise that your tour guide will be living!

More more interesting history, photos, and visitor information, please take a look at their website here. We strongly feel that dark parts of our own nation’s history must be remembered and understood, lest they ever happen again. We owe it to ourselves, and possibly to the restless spirits of folks who never quite left the center.

Have you ever visited one of the several internment camps still standing in the United States? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

Address: 1539 Rd 19, Powell, WY 82435, USA