Most People Don’t Know About These Strange Ruins Hiding In Wyoming

Wyoming has an interesting history, and if you wander the state, you’ll see much of it on display. From dinosaur skeletons in Casper to the Carissa Mine in South Pass City, you can truly time travel if you visit enough of the Cowboy State. One former mining town is a little more hidden than the rest, and paranormal happenings keep all but the bravest explorers far away. Gebo, Wyoming is quite an interesting ghost town.

While the tragic past of Wyoming’s ghost towns is heartbreaking to face, there’s so much to be learned from visiting the Cowboy State’s ghost towns. If you enjoy walking right through history, be sure to set aside time to explore the town’s other ghost towns, like Kirwin, Atlantic City, and South Pass City. They’re each worth a visit to learn the stories they’ve been holding on to for decades.

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