This Wyoming Backroad Will Take You On An Amazing Adventure

Sometimes, you just want to gas up the car, gather your friends, and head off to nowhere in particular. Wyoming is the perfect state for such an adventure, because you can find gorgeous scenery pretty much everywhere. If this is your idea of a great time, though, you’ve got to explore one rural road in Northern Wyoming. The highest paved road in the Rocky Mountains is the stunning Beartooth Highway, which winds through Montana and Wyoming before entering Yellowstone National Park. Highway 212 that has been designated as a National Scenic Byway All-American Road in Wyoming, and this is one drive you won’t soon forget.

For the best experience, I recommend driving the entire length of the highway. However, many Wyomingites take the wildly underrated Chief Joseph Highway up to the Beartooth Highway, and that route is absolutely gorgeous as well.

Have you made the journey over this stunning mountain pass?