11 Things Every Wisconsinite Routinely Does At The First Sign Of Spring

It never fails. The first time the thermometer hovers near 50, we Wisconsinites go a little nuts. There’s still snow on the ground in much of the state, but that one warm day is like the beacon we needed. There may be some cold and snow yet to come, but Spring is officially something we can believe in instead of a mythical idea that exists somewhere on the other side of five or so very cold, very snowy, very long months. Honestly, it’ll probably still snow in May, but we don’t even care. The lone warm day in late February or early March is honestly really just a giant tease, but we’ll take it. We’re longing for the sun and to get outside without having to spend 20 minutes putting on layers of clothes before we do. That first sign of Spring and we’re ready to pack away the long underwear, put the shovel in the garage and never wear boots again. It’s a false hope, of course, but right now, it’s all we’ve got.

Looking to start planning ahead? Here are some great ideas for what to do when Spring finally arrives.