One of the very best parts of this time of year is the availability of all kinds of squashes and gourds, but especially pumpkin. Folks wait all year for this delicious treat. There’s just something very familiar and cozy about pumpkin pie. It’s nostalgic and welcoming and makes us think of family gatherings and big, comfortable sweaters. Here in Wisconsin, we have some of the best bakeries in the country, so it’s no surprise that you can also find some of the best pumpkin pies, as well. These 10 bakeries serve up this wonderful fall concoction, so time to head out to taste test and decide who makes your favorite.

Which restaurant or bakery in Wisconsin makes your favorite pumpkin pie? Or what are some of your favorite pies that you prefer to eat? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for more sweet stuff? Check out these amazing bakeries you won’t be able to wait to try.

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Best Pumpkin Pies In Wisconsin

What are some other pie shops in Wisconsin?

When it comes to pie shops and bakeries, we have no shortage of them in Wisconsin. But it’s hard to choose one that stands out amongst the rest. There are pie shops like Elsie Mae's Canning and Pies that offer both sweet and savory pies as well as jams. All their ingredients are locally sourced from nearby farms. It’s no wonder that Elsie’s made the list of top 40 pie shops in America. Another pie shop that is equally impressive is Sweetie Pie located in Fish Creek. With traditional methods and simple ingredients, you’ll be eating some of the best pies you’ve ever had in your life. We recommend trying the delicious sweet and tart cherry pie, it’s a crowd favorite. Other notable pie shops include Stockholm Pie and General Store, Honeypie Cafe, Mr. Dye's Pies, and Lake Geneva Pie Company. Lastly, though it’s not a pie shop, Elegant Farmer is a grocery store located in Mukwonago, with an amazing bakery. Do try the famous apple pie, it’s to die for. And here is a list of more pie shops in Wisconsin.    

Besides pumpkin pies, what are some other popular pastries in Wisconsin?

We love eating scrumptious baked goods in Wisconsin. Those sweet treats are always a delight, don’t you agree? Though we love everything in a pastry case like pies, muffins, cookies, and more, there is one pastry that we can’t get enough of. And that yummy goodness is Kringle. A Danish tradition from the 1800s, this flaky buttery treat filled with fruits or nuts and topped with icing is the official pastry of our state. And one of the best places to try this staple is O&H Danish Bakery. There are a few locations including Oak Creek, Sturtevant, Mt Pleasant, and Racine, where you can purchase this treat. Other favorite pastries include cream puffs, gingerbread muffins, pumpkin cookies, and more. And here’s an article listing some other Wisconsin sweet treats that we love to eat. 

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