This Small Mexican Restaurant In Wisconsin Serves More Than A Dozen Types Of Tacos

Tacos are the perfect little vehicle for all kinds of fabulous flavors. A good taco is just a few bites and it’s chock full of flavor and in the right hands, it can be an amazing opportunity for innovation. At Vintage Cantina in Green Bay, you’ll find plenty of traditional takes on a standard taco, but you’ll also find a ton of outside-the-box flavors that lead to one of the most unique taco experiences in the state. With more than a dozen options on the printed menu and always at least one or two more that represent whatever the chef fancied that day, you’d be hard pressed to get bored with the truly stellar food at Vintage Cantina.

Vintage Cantina is located at 119 S Washington St., Green Bay, WI 54301. You can see their menu on their website and you’ll find all kinds of interesting limited-time tacos advertised on their Facebook page.

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