There’s A Delicious Steakhouse Hiding Inside This Old Wisconsin Barn That’s Begging For A Visit

Out in the far southwest side of the state, right along Grenmore Lake, which is connected to the Mississippi River, The Barn Restaurant in Prairie du Chien is a stunning restaurant you just have to visit. Located in an old, renovated barn, this place is a sprawling complex with a restaurant and banquet facility that’s set in the most glorious location. Enjoy waterfront views, stunning sunsets and of course, absolutely mouth-watering food. From a wide selection of steaks to seafood and more, this place is great for a casual meal or a celebratory night out. The views are indescribable and the giant old barn makes for a cozy, welcoming place to share a meal.

The Barn is located at 32800 Co Rd K, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821. Check out their website here or find more stunning pictures on Facebook.

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