A Secret Door Will Take You To An Underground Restaurant In Wisconsin That Was Built In The 1960s

You know you’re in an unusual restaurant when there’s a fake company name on the door that holds a secret message. That’s just the start of the fun at this quirky and iconic Wisconsin bar and eatery – you haven’t even been asked for the secret code yet! Welcome to the SafeHouse, a spy-themed underground restaurant in Wisconsin that has been bringing people in from the cold for more than five decades. Grab your stack of passports and all your hidden cameras and make plans to visit the SafeHouse. Here’s what’s waiting for you.

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SafeHouse is open daily. If you need to crack the password or see other details of the restaurant, visit the SafeHouse website. Wisconsin has some theme restaurants that are truly unusual – this restaurant will take you into the dark world of an underground mine!

Address: SafeHouse, 779 N Front St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA