The Eerily Fascinating Mystery Behind The Spooky Abandoned Ghost Ship In Wisconsin

The L. Wade Childress ghost ship in Wisconsin is a complete mystery. Finding a ship in Prairie du Chien isn’t all that odd and, all things considered, doesn’t headline the news. The town of about 6,000 sits just north of the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, along the state’s western edge about 55 miles north of the state line. As Wisconsin’s second-oldest city, it is strategically located as a gateway between the Mississippi and the Great Lakes. So no, boats and ships aren’t rare here – folks have been traveling the waterways here for centuries. But that still doesn’t help explain why a tugboat that sunk in Fort Madison, Iowa – more than 200 miles south of here – sits in a field near a golf course. Read on to learn more about this ghost ship in Wisconsin.

The beached L. Wade Childress ghost ship in Wisconsin is located at 32800 County Road K, Prairie du Chien, WI.

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While we’re still on the topic of abandoned things, did you know there’s a failed subdivision and ghost neighborhood in Madison?

Likewise, watch this video about this forgotten town in Wisconsin:


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January 07, 2023

What is the Legend of the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin?

The Legend of the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin goes like this:

The tiny town of Elkhorn has a road named Bray Road, and in 1936, someone claimed to have seen some kind of hairy creature that looked like a werewolf or a bear. During the 1980s and 1990s, there was a sudden increase in sightings and while descriptions varied, they all agreed that it was some kind of huge, furry creature that can run on all fours and walk on two legs. 

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Why is Whitewater considered the creepiest town in Wisconsin?

Here is why Whitewater is considered the creepiest town in Wisconsin:

This town is often called a Second Salem due to claims that it is filled with witches. This dates back to 1889 when there were seances at the Morris Pratt Institute and it was said that witches attended these. There is also a book in the Andersen Library that is thought to be evil and drives people to go crazy and kill themselves. There’s a stone tower said to be a ritual site for local witches. 

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What are the creepiest urban legends in Wisconsin?

The creepiest urban legends in Wisconsin include:

  • Rhinelander Hodag. Hodags are said to be ugly creatures who cry about their ugliness and come after people. Three things are said to kill them: dynamite, lemons, and chloroform. 
  • The Phantom Man on Highway 12. Locals report seeing a hitchhiker wearing a worn-out green army jacket and when they drive past and look in their mirrors, he has disappeared.
  • Bloody Bride Bridge. People crossing this bridge claim to see the ghost of a woman who was killed on her wedding night in their rearview mirror or on the road, and she then disappears.

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