This Swiss Cultural Hall In Wisconsin Serves Up Old World Fare In A Historic Setting

The Wisconsin town of Monroe is well-known as the center of cheese production in the state, but there’s more to this south-central Wisconsin city than cheese. Visitors may have passed the large Swiss chalet in town a number of times without realizing they are passing a part of history. The Swiss Turner Hall of Monroe is on both the State and National Historic Registers. This building dates to 1938, but the first Turner Hall was erected here back in 1868. For more than 150 years, this hall has served as a center of community for the large number of folks with Swiss heritage that settled and flourished in Green County. Today, the hall is home to a truly delicious restaurant that serves up old-world specialties, an eight-lane bowling alley, and a grand hall that hosts a number of private and community events. They don’t make community gathering places like this anymore.

Please note, Turner Hall Restaurant is temporarily closed. 

This gorgeous, historic building is a truly special experience we Wisconsinites should take advantage of having access to!

Address: 1217 17th Avenue, Monroe, WI, 53566

You can find out more about this historic, amazing location on their website or by heading over to their Facebook page.

Have you ever eaten at or visited the Turner Hall of Monroe? What’s your favorite part of this very cool community building? What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

If you love Swiss food, culture, and history you have to check out this fabulous Wisconsin town that’s unlike any other in the country.